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An American soldier and a German prisoner of war. Ardennes, 1944. Unattributed
A soldier runs under fire. Arnhem, 1944. Unattributed

Kamikaze pilots playing with a puppy before their flights, 1945
A blinded Australian soldier is guided to a field hospital away from the battlefront by a Papuan native. Buna, Christmas Day, 1942. George Silk

Writing home.
Jam session with the 274th Infantry Regiment. Behren, France, 1945. National Archives
A German soldier pokes fun at the British by dressing up as Chamberlain, early WWII.Unattributed
A soldier of the Canadian Expeditionary Force kisses his daughter goodbye before shipping off. Gaspé Harbour, Quebec, 1914. J. A. Millar

A child sits atop a tank during Charles De Gaulle’s speech, after the liberation of Paris by Allied forces. August 25, 1944. Robert Capa

Children play on the bomb sites and wrecked tanks in Berlin, in the aftermath of the fighting in the city, 1945.
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